We have moved!

WordPress.com has served me well, to an extent. But it was about time I moved on to better things. I can only hope we shall move together to my new space Lila Write. Kindly update your url to www.lilawrite.com and subscribe to the blog email list too for new post alerts. Thank You.

February Folder

Remember how the new year was sparkly and full of promise? I know time flies but damn February was not here for me. I blinked and here we are. Can we boycott 24 hours? I need to complete my daily tasks for crying out loud. Whilst finding my way in societal shifts, I may have... Continue Reading →

Planning To Go Fully Niche?

You have probably come across hundreds of articles on the same. One of those topics that have been covered extensively by creatives and the likes on how to pick out a niche, an identity then build on it. This blog is my creative outlet more than anything. I enjoy sharing my random stories and just... Continue Reading →

Digital Detox

As everyone else having a shot at adulting, my struggles, sulk, fears and inadequacies are well documented. At least in my head. Life throws you lemons and its cousins to pile on your adult misery. It's gradual the identity loss. The scalding leaves you a hot mess and the only cooling factor is the random... Continue Reading →

The Reading To Your Baby Problem

Everything is problematic. It starts with quiet murmurings, disclaimer and later a thinkpiece. You are not considered well read if the only book that comes up during a conversation is The Great Gatsby. Or worse, The Alchemist. Every waking morning you will come across an article that urges you on to have some scrap of... Continue Reading →

January Jazz

Apparently January is the least productive month because most of it is spent on planning organizing, resetting, and refreshing our goals. The rest of it is spent lamenting on how it drags on. Before you know it, it's February. This is my creative catch up for the month that was. Hint: A link magnet. -----... Continue Reading →

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